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How Do I Know an LED is Really Going to Last 10+ Years?

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How Do I Know an LED is Really Going to Last 10+ Years?
15 January, 2018

You’ve seen the statistics and read the articles about how long-lasting LED lights are, but maybe you’re still skeptical. Certain figures say they can light up a room for over 10 years, but there’s no way a single bulb could survive for that stretch of time, right? Well, we’re happy to tell you they can indeed last for over a decade.

Be prepared to be amazed—and to put your ladder away for a while. Once you finally change out your traditional incandescents with LED lights, you won’t need to strain to replace those out-of-reach bulbs until the late 2020s.

So what is it that makes these wonder bulbs so long-lasting? The secret is in the filament—or lack thereof. Traditional light bulbs have a filament that is constantly stressed and slowly destroyed by heat. LED bulbs, meanwhile, emit light that is powered by the bulb’s driver. We won’t get into the literal nuts and bolts, but this means LED bulbs don’t wear out simply because there’s nothing there to wear out.

Besides the convenience of not having to change bulbs regularly, LED lights will also reduce wear and tear on your wallet. The technology has evolved while the price has gone down, so they’re inexpensive to replace. If you’re not ready to light every room with LED, start small. Converting a single bulb to LED can save up to $130 in energy consumption over the life of the bulb. Then consider that the average house has 45 light sockets. Your only remaining concern should be what you’ll do with all of the money you’ll save!

It may sound too good to be true, but thanks to smarter design, LED lights do have an unprecedented life span. See for yourself, and we’ll see you when you come back for replacements—and trust us, that will be a while!