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A simple addition to everyday light.

LED+ is a bright idea in every bulb—each bulb has one extra feature to make life a little better. With no hub or Wi-Fi required, LED+ bulbs are an easy way to get more out of your lights.

Add our family to your home.

Each product in this family goes beyond light to give you benefits like convenience, security, entertainment, and more.

Keep your soundtrack playing through every room.

LED+ Speaker

This LED bulb includes a built-in speaker that connects to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth®—no additional app required. Just screw the bulb in, connect, and enjoy. Also, pair with other LED+ Speaker bulbs for a simple wireless speaker solution.

Suitable for
Be the only house on the street with a light on.

LED+ Battery Backup

This simple LED bulb gives you a little more power over power outages. Whether you keep it in the fixture or remove it and use it as a flashlight, LED+ Battery Backup provides both light and peace of mind—all in one bulb.

Suitable for
Battery Backup
Capture moods in the most colorful way.

LED+ Color

With a touch of the remote (no hub or Wi-Fi required), you can change between soft white, daylight, and 8 additional colors. LED+ Color is perfect for parties, holidays, or creating the right moods in your home. So, add a little color to your life.

Suitable for
Keep your sense of security up when the sun goes down.

LED+ Dusk to Dawn

With its built-in sensor, this simple LED is literally up all night—giving you automatic protection from dusk until dawn. Just add it to any outdoor fixture and enjoy a good (and safe) night’s sleep—no scheduling required.

Suitable for
Dusk to dawn
Secure even the darkest corners.

LED+ Motion

This LED light brightens the dark when it senses movement. From off/on or dim/bright, you get the light you need. Link 2 or more LED+ bulbs or fixtures to create a motion sensor system in larger spaces. Now, feel free to move about safely and hands-free.

Suitable for

No hub equals easy installation.

With no hub or Wi-Fi needed, LED+ bulbs take only a few minutes to install. Plus, they’re compatible with any fixture that requires a general purpose A-19/21, floodlight BR30, or 6-inch recessed lighting fixture.

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